Recycle Stamps to Art

Cracovia I received an interesting request last week to send some stamps to an artist who recycles them into works of art.

I quote:

“Polish artist, Pola Dwurnik, who intends to create a series of collage pieces made entirely of postage stamps from all around the world. We ask friends and strangers to donate stamps – old and new, national and international, also on envelopes etc. We have already received stamps from the USA, from Japan and of course from numerous European countries.”

You can see Pola’s work here:
Read more about the project:
Or just follow us on Facebook:

If you have stamps you would like to contribute to this international art project, here is the address in Australia :

Wanda Gierzynska
40 Princes St.
Ryde 2112 NSW

Full Moon in Capricorn – Saturday 12th July 2014

Tonight the moon will be full. It’s the last weekend of the school holidays and I still have a lot to do. I’m at the point of looking for what I need to let go of because it’s becoming clear that I’m not going to be able to get everything done that I wanted to do.

Kim Falconer: 11th House Astrology says this:

” Breathe, release, let go. There are solutions and pathways that lead you forward, but you won’t see them until you give the grudge match a boot. Stop gnawing old bones and shake yourself free. Step into to the high clean winds of release. “

Kim also has a guide for how it may influence each of the signs.

Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols has a new website! Check out all the insights of Sabian Symbols there. Subscribe to Lynda’s moon newsletter for great insights into the new and full moons each month. Here is a quote from this moon’s newsletter that I have found very relevant these holidays:

 A level of trust is required when you work with a team. It is vital that everyone gives their best and doesn’t hold back. If someone endeavors to run the whole race by them-self, even if they think it’s the right thing to do, it can be seen as a form of selfishness where everything is put at risk because of the inability to share or act cooperatively. The aim of each should be for the team to reach the finish line, or the goal, regardless of individual performances. In fact, it may almost be impossible to complete the course on your own. For the best results, people should work together in this situation, each taking their turn and their due rewards.”

I have been reflecting on this quite a bit as I’ve also been doing a couple of MOOCs to keep up to date with my professional learning : E-Learning Ecologies and Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills.  Yes this is my idea of relaxing during the holidays. I will only do the assignments for the latter but I have enjoyed the interactions and materials presented in both. In the ‘Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills’ course there has been a lot of focus on Collaborative Problem Solving.  I’m excited for students of the future and I have reflected on the learning I have done with others over the past couple of years.

School holidays are a bit of an interruption to the routines really. People are away and sometimes even though I think I am going to get a lot done without the daily routines, there are also delays in getting information from others also on holidays.

Moonkissd by Jessica asks a few hard edged questions for this full moon:

“How is your heart doing? The heart has a language; it speaks in moods and feelings. Under the clear light of this Capricorn Full Moon, you can step back from your emotions and get a more objective view on your heart. Are you purposefully and soulfully moving through life, are you celebrating hard-won and deeply fulfilling accomplishments, or are you wrestling with the stranger in your heart? Because none of us have to make the time to get to know what fills our heart with milky warm bliss, what causes it to ache and hurt, all its little self-sabotaging traps”

It’s big and bright out there this cold crisp night.



What’s Happening?

Plenty! I love this space. I haven’t been showing up here lately and I want to. It’s school holidays, so the Neighbourhood House has no classes running. I intended to have a break…. but there are things that still need to be done. Getting the lease signed on the VRI hall after waiting so long has been exciting yet because we have been waiting so long it has almost taken me by surprise.

I’ve taken up a long service leave replacement at the local secondary college for the first 4 weeks of next term. It’s only 3 days a week but it will bite into my time so I want to get the grants that are all due at the end of the first week of term finished. So they hang over my head like the old school assignment always did. There have been a few meetings that I wanted to schedule and every day there has been something to do.

Even when I’m lying around watching iview catch ups of ‘The Time of Our Lives’, I’m thinking that I should be chipping away at one of those grants. I am a recent convert to this TV series, so I had a whole season to catch up. I love it! It’s enjoyable to watch an Aussie series that has characters living in modern families and modelling humane responses to the everyday challenges of life. It’s good.

My son and our friend (and past student) have been blogging. I’m impressed with their writing. When I read them I feel quite challenged to be more open and vulnerable myself. But I’m not there yet. My daughter is in Europe with her dad on a family holiday. I love watching through my Facebook feed her adventures.

I’ve got a Fitbit too. I want to get healthier and I love a bit of feedback and statistics. So I’m wearing my tracking device and logging my food and water consumption to get some stats. I’m also enjoying the sleep monitor. I have consistently logged over 90% sleep efficiency. It’s interesting to see how much your sleep is interrupted during the night.



New Moon in Cancer – Friday 27th June 2014


The moon is new at 6.08 in these parts. Cancer is the sign of the moon so the changeable, nurturing, emotional, watery power of the moon will be right at home in this sign. I’ve spent a bit of time at home (4th house/cancer) this week so it’s worked for me. My car was being repaired, I’ve had a lingering cold and it’s been cold outside. I’ve been well looked after by my family and friends lending me their cars and giving me lifts so I haven’t suffered too much. My dad had it fixed for me - he is such a great father.

I am reminded of the many blessings from my family connection under this new moon as I read:

Cancer, the sign of home and history and heritage, is your astrological GPS, the umbilical cord that connects you to the mother ship and nourishes you to viability. It’s home – the place where you started out in life, the place where you begin each day, and the people and things that have been there with you. ” Big Sky Astrology: Cancer New Moon, Setting the Table

I also got to catch up with my Transform with the Transits course and gain lots of wisdom from Kim and the wise group of women there. Kim’s June New Moon post will update where this moon will work for you. You are probably best looking at the sign of your ascendant. If you need help to work out where that is, check out this You Tube Clip.

Make sure you make a wish as close to the new moon as you can for the month ahead. new moon





Winter Solstice 2014

It’s only going to get lighter from here! We’ve been through our darkest night/shortest day. Last night our Winter Festival was a hoot! Like many at this stage of winter - I have a cold. I am glad I pushed it aside to be with community because it warmed me like my bed never could have.

It was my facebook feed come alive as I saw and chatted to many of my friends in real life. Music, food, dancing and lots of wonderful conversations were had. There is nothing like the speed and warmth of face to face conversation. All those untypable communications get released, spoken words have a lighter, freer quality between people, laughter is spontaneous and infectious and hugs – well, real life hugs are unbeatable!

The light projections brought new shapes and colours to the streets we are so familiar with, casting a magical quality to the air. While the main stage was a stream of local voices and dancing with a crowd of participation, street performers were scattered throughout the route as we walked around looking at the art on the buildings.  The Art Gallery enjoyed a big night of participation and stall holders and shops that stayed open were pleased with the traffic.

There were plenty of past students to reconnect with. I watched a little girl in open admiration of Sabrina Salvatore who played at the start of the festival, standing mesmerized by her song. I really enjoyed Sab and Monica McDonald share their musical talents at the Gippsland Women’s Forum the night before. There is something wonderful about seeing past students growing into accomplished people – one of the long term perks of being a teacher that I have come to appreciate.  Steph Kay had a stall showcasing her wonderful magazine ‘ Hello Florence’ as well as her amazing photography portfolio.  reactivate latrobe valley

Watching small children sway and dance with the performers on the stage made me smile. They played amongst the hay bales while their parents chatted looking on. The drumming circle came together and sustained a beat that made a great background to the packing up of stalls and the clearing of the site by stall holders and the hardworking and generous OUTR team.

We are so blessed to have RMIT’s OUTR project : Reactivate Latrobe Valley work with us to bring life back into our town centres. The team have worked tirelessly for 3 days and nights, largely behind the scenes to deliver a festival that brought joy to our community.  I spoke to a lot of happy people during the night, it’s good for us to get together – looking forward to the next one and lighter days ahead. Happy Solstice!

Mars – Rainy Day Women

Rainy Day Women are actually men. I watched this clip thinking there may be some great symbolism about Mars in it – cause my Mars is quite activated right now in my astrology chart …. ‘Mars is coming closer..’ so there you go!

After hiding away in their craft-den since the glorious release of Friends and Aint It Time in 2012, indie-pop Perthians Rainy Day Women are back with even more feels than before, in the form of new single Mars – the first taste of their debut album.”  Stella Chambers

The clip is visually pleasing. Enjoy!


Full Moon in Sagittarius – Friday 13th June 2013

We all know that Friday the 13th is not unlucky, so I won’t go into that but if you need convincing read Mystic Medusa -Why Friday 13th is Magic, Lucky and Gorgeous. Or if you want some further convincing about the value of rejecting fear watch this great 1 minute clip our wonderful local Wellness Nurse, Joan Lawless shared on Facebook today – This Single Minute - Jim Carrey.

This full moon is in my sun sign Sag. This is what I’ve read:

Big Sky Astrology: Full Moon in Sagittarius – I Married an Alien

“Like a summer road trip, the Sagittarius Full Moon carries a soupçon of joyful rebelliousness and a rowdy spirit of adventure. It invites you to survey your life for signs that any part of it has grown cramped or cluttered, or any hint that your freedom to express yourself has been denied.”

Moonkissd by Jessica: Sagittarius Full Moon – A Life Less Ordinary

“Sagittarius Moon asks us to step into a bigger picture. Sagittarius Moon is hungry for new, meaningful experiences, has a hefty appetite for pleasure, for enjoying life to its fullest. Boredom and predictability are anathema to the expansion of this sign; we need to shake up our routines at this Full Moon, search for extraordinary philosophies and ideas, endeavour to shift our ordinary life into a life less ordinary.”

There are probably lots of other amazing posts but I don’t have time to read them because things have become very busy for me. Mystic Medusa and Kim Falconer will definitely be read as they are always insightful. I’m still enjoying my transits course with Good Vibe Astrology

I’m feeling pretty excited right now because we have finally signed the lease on the hall for 12 years. This has been a long process and now that it’s done, I will admit it’s been a bit stressful. I have to say if I hadn’t had so much support from so many people I may have given up. There are too many to thank individually here, but I appreciate all the people in my life who have been encouraging. Here we go.full moon[ ] Title: She Licked the Cotton Candy from his Lips

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