New Moon in Virgo – 26th August 2014

I haven’t had the chance to read much this new moon. It was my beautiful daughter’s engagement party on the weekend. I am so proud of her and Peter. Together they created an event for their families to come together with great food, music and company in a gorgeous space. I enjoyed meeting Peter’s family and reconnecting with my own. It was perfect – very Virgo! No detail was overlooked and much of the décor was created by them.

Now it’s back to work and a busy week. I think the Virgo energy would be aligned with getting all those boxes ticked and things done:).

Strong Winds From Nowhere by Ronit Gapalo

Subtitled The Initiation of the One, Strong Winds from Nowhere is a novel about a young woman’s journey in the world. She is guided and gifted, yet has to find her way through ordeals and trials to overcome learn and overcome the world’s ways after being banished from her home town.

It’s a gentle read and I enjoyed the twists and turns as Tasha grows and meets her destiny.


Full Moon in Aquarius – Monday 12th August 2014

DSCN0012The moon is full at 4am our time on Monday. Sunday night full moon, that is at it’s fullness early Monday morning our time. This is a super moon  and to understand more about what that means go to wikepedia. I felt the need to actually look it up because there seems to have been a lot of super moon talk lately.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, disruptive energy that potentially shifts us to a better place. It is traditionally ruled by Saturn, discipline and structure.

For some insight read:

Mystic Medusa: Brave New Supermoon Secret Powers: features a quote from Aldous Huxley as well as another link about Super moons.

The 11th House: Anubis Full Moon has all the details about how this moon will affect you.

Big Sky Astrology: Aquarius Full Moon- Other Tribes -asks the question ‘Who are “your people”?’ Great question!

I’ve scheduled this post for the exact time, I hope all the shifts are amazing for you:).




Junior by Ray Donley

I love reading journals as a form and this journal style of fiction novel was an interesting read.

Junior pushed some political correctness buttons. Set in the future, the story was about a high profile, American fugitive who was keeping a record of his time on the run. The author depicted an a country that had progressed to a future quite different from one I imagine. I don’t live in the US so it would be interesting to read how others perceive it.

One part of the story that amused me was in this future world the Catholic Church was now a female ran organisation. There were former fathers, but mostly the nuns did the work of this church. There were many institutions morphed into different forms. I couldn’t stop reading it.

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