Luigi’s Freedom Ride by Alan Murray

‘A story of curiosity, love, hope and bicycles’. This subtitle describes the content well. ‘Luigi’s Freedom Ride’ is the recollection of a man who settled in Australia after many interesting adventures in his country, Italy. It is an insiders view of growing up in Italy and the coming and going of World War II. It is a personal history and an interesting one.

There are many adventures catalogued in this story, all worthy of retelling. I particularly loved the descriptions of food, family and synchronicity. If you are into bike riding, I imagine it would be doubly rich for you.

“The first course was Bouillabaisse Bersaglieri. The soup was rich with the scents of olive oil, saffron, bay leaf, garlic, parsley, thyme and cracked pepper. Then came the night’s ‘house special’ – the Maestro Marconi Macaroni. The thickness of the pasta was mitigated by its softness to the tooth. The cheese sauce had the viscosity of slowly flowing lava. Served with the macaroni was Soldier’s Salad, a mix of mild red onion, crushed garlic and quartered tomatoes. Eventually, the comrades pushed themselves back in their chairs, replete, unlaced their boots and stretched out their legs beneath the plate-laden table. “

I have made many bookmarks in my kindle of wonderful parts of the book, but looking back on them, I know if I share them with you, I will give away some of the surprising and wonderful meanderings of this adventure.  It’s a great story and this review does it no justice, but I recommend you read it.


The Value of Reading

I was delighted to read this article this morning – The Conversation: Reading as a creative act, Eleanor Catton’s bold new grant -

“Booker Prize-winner Eleanor Catton announced last week she would use her NZ$15,000 winnings from the New Zealand Post best fiction and people’s choice prizes to set up a new grant for writers, dedicated to giving them time to read. Successful applicants will be given NZ$3,000 and asked to write a short article describing their reading with no further strings attached…..”

Read the whole article if you have time.

I take reading for granted. I do it for pleasure and recreation, but it also opens so many doors for me and enables me to do more. The more I read, the faster I can.

Full Moon in Pisces – Tuesday 9th September 2014

The moon is full at 11.38 this morning. Pisces is a water sign and the final sign of the zodiac. It’s ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. The posts I have read encourage retreat, rest and letting go of striving. I am ready for that.

Kim Falconer 11th House – Full Moon and You

“The point is, this energy WILL lead you onward and upward, when resistance is gone.”

Moonkissd by Jessica – Pisces Full Moon: Zen Moon

Amidst this productive, mentally-oriented Virgo season we experience a reset button in the nonlinear, emotional, visionary Pisces Full Moon. Pisces is the siren call to set your carefully laid plans aside, at least temporarily. To nurture the mystic, dreamer and poet in your self. Daydream. Go for a swim. Do yoga. Write poetry, paint a picture, play with your pets, read a novel, Pisces urges.”

Big Sky Astrology -Full Moon in Pisces: The Lillies of the Field

“Each year when the Full Moon falls in Pisces, we’re asked to reacquaint ourselves with the value of retreat. Work, itineraries, and striving to become better, faster, and more accomplished, dominate our consciousness while the Sun moves through diligent Virgo. But as many of us know, overwork can lead us down wearying and unproductive paths. Work, order, and routine can be escapes too – from the big picture, the meaning of our lives – unless we periodically pause for reflection.”

Life has been very busy for me. Our working bee went well on the weekend. We set up Friday with Lavalla students, had the public volunteers over the weekend and yesterday a handful of people and I pulled down the main scaffolding. Scaffolding is hard work. My muscles are sore and my brain is too. I’m off to the Brainfood conference in Ballarat later today, it will be good to have some time away.

New Moon in Virgo – 26th August 2014

I haven’t had the chance to read much this new moon. It was my beautiful daughter’s engagement party on the weekend. I am so proud of her and Peter. Together they created an event for their families to come together with great food, music and company in a gorgeous space. I enjoyed meeting Peter’s family and reconnecting with my own. It was perfect – very Virgo! No detail was overlooked and much of the décor was created by them.

Now it’s back to work and a busy week. I think the Virgo energy would be aligned with getting all those boxes ticked and things done:).

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