20 Jan

New Moon in Aquarius – Wednesday 21st January 2015

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center https://www.flickr.com/photos/gsfc/

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center https://www.flickr.com/photos/gsfc/

There will be two Aquarius new moons this month. This one is at 0 degrees and its new at 0.14am here, just making it into Wednesday. If you have any zero degree points in your chart – this will aspect it. If you want to get your chart, Astro.com is a free site to generate charts that I haven’t mentioned for a while.

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. It’s a quirky, sociable energy that encompasses community, friendship, technology, the future, humanitarians and making the world a better place generally.

New moons are fabulous for setting new intentions and this new moon asks what do I want for the future ? How would I like the world according to me to be? How are my friendships travelling? Could I broaden my social circle to add more to my life?

April Elliott Kent is spot on when she says:

“Social networking sites are not about deep, personal friendships. They’re not even really about friends, in the strictest sense of the word. Rather, they’re about belonging, and being part of a community.” This is the vibe of Aquarius.”

Exploring  Facebook as an Aquarian vibe as a manifestation of much of what Aquarius personifies. The Big Sky Astrology: New Moon in Aquarius: Friend Me post also goes on to say

Aquarius’ talent lies in those friendly connections with others who cross our paths – the relational grease that keep society’s gears moving smoothly and that joins us in together in collective identity, purpose, and responsibility.’

It’s a great reflection on this moon and I recommend it to you.
Jessica Shepherd describes another aspect of Aquarius in her post Moonkissd: Aquarius New Moon: Liberation Moon, the Uranian energy, that’s disruptive and tends to shift us to more authenticity – ready or not.

 “Seek out Soothsayers and Truthsayers – friends you trust, to tell it how it is. Heed the spontaneous call of your intuition. What we label as “crazy talk” is often our intuition trying to burst out and bring more clarity and truthfulness to a situation.”

Kim Falconer’s blog The 11th House (Aquarius) has a link to her latest free podcast about the moon  for those interested in learning more about astrology – What Your Moon Wants You To Know .

13 Jan

The Third Rule of Ten by Gay Hendricks and Tinker Lindsay

The Third Rule Of Ten: A Tenzing Norbu Mystery (Dharma Detective: Tenzing Norbu Mystery) is the third in a series and I am keen to read the previous two. Tenzing Norbu is a private detective who not only uses the traditional methods of detection, but draws on a team of specialists and characters. As a former Buddhist monk he works his cases from the inside out.

The story weaves between the past and present as Ten comes to terms with the loss of his father amongst the unravelling of a criminal who has a history with Ten. I couldn’t put it down.


10 Jan

Stolen Dance by Asgeir

When Tom was home last weekend he had Triple J’s ‘Like a Version 10′ and I played it every chance I got. It has some great tracks on it including this one:

08 Jan


2015 006

#getsunflowered site 6/6 7/1/2015

Last night I participated in planting the site 1/6(Ramble) at the old Baw Baw Hotel, 2 Watsons Road, Moe that has become a ruin. It is probably the most neglected and ugly site we have worked on and almost in response to that we had the greatest turn up of volunteers. Large patches of sunflowers have been planted with a variety of sunflower species and it’s going to look magic. I remember when I was Moe Neighbourhood House Co-ordinator the great community spirit of Moe residents.

I have enjoyed planting at 4 of the 5 sites, completed so far, alongside community volunteers to actively transform our local landscape. I enjoyed light banter, laughter, exercise, meeting new people and interesting conversations on each occasion. Each site will be a burst of colour. It feels amazing to do something positive to bring a smile to people.

To give some background to the project, Ben Morieson is the artist who collaborated with Reactivate Latrobe Valley on this massive art project to uplift abandoned and neglected spaces in our environment. Here’s an article from our local paper describing the project -Latrobe Valley Express: Always look on the sunny side. It was great to have Ben along to our first planting at the VRI.

Craig and Rose from RMIT OUTR have worked countless hours with this project, including the during festive season break: there was a lot of preparation put into making the sites ready for the community planting days. They have organised seed donations, water donations, negotiated with landowners, prepared the sites and gathered tools, so we could turn up and make beds to plant seeds on the prepared spaces. They found and worked with Ben on the design. They shared and promoted the idea to the community. dealt with misinformed initial reactions to the project and put together media such as this gorgeous clip featuring local dance diva’s -Paper Dolls to bring it all to life.

For more of the Paper Dolls fun check out the outtakes clip too:).

#getsunflowered site 6/6 8/1/2015

#getsunflowered site 6/6 8/1/2015

So tonight I visited site 6/6 perfectly named Love/15 which was the first site to be planted and this is how much they’ve grown! As this site is conveniently at The VRI, I am visiting it frequently and posting growth updates on our facebook page – LV Community & Digital Shed. If you want to follow the progress of all the Reactivate Latrobe Valley projects as well as the 6 #getsunflowered sites, their facebook page is the best source.

We will be giving away seedlings in the next weeks so stay tuned for opportunities to collect seedlings to plant at home and call into the Reactivate Latrobe Valley HQ in Commercial Road, Morwell for more information about how to be involved in this fun work.


06 Jan

Second Chance by Robert Kiyosaki

My first learning with Robert Kiyosaki was in the early 90s when I was in my 20s during a course called ‘Creating Wealth’. The first book I read authored by Kiyosaki was ‘If You Want to be Rich and Happy, Don’t go to School’. I sold two of those books on a  course I attended through that network. It felt hard at the time, to get out on the streets of Sth Melbourne going door to door to sell a book. In hindsight, I learnt about selling fast. There is no amount of information that beats doing it, when it comes to selling.

Second Chance: for Your Money, Your Life and Our World covers a lot of ground. He continues to question the value of traditional education and suggests ways to correct the lack of financial education we receive in our school systems. He draws frequently on R Buckminster Fuller’s writing to highlight how our financial systems are skewed in favour of a powerful minority. I don’t think this would be a surprise to many.

Kiyosaki’s material is familiar. He says to enjoy financial freedom we need to acquire income producing assets and ensure our cash flow. Our homes, cars and possessions are not assets because they don’t provide income. These ideas have been repeated through many of his books. ‘Repetition leads to discovery’ R. Buckminster Fuller.

The title refers to opportunities to become educated and shape your future using the tools of the information age. He encourages us to learn from the past and apply the lessons to the future. Kiyosaki recommends to learn by doing and if I reflect on why my previous reading of his stuff and courses haven’t transformed me to an independently wealthy person it would be because I haven’t applied what I’ve read.  There are some great charts and graphs in the book that demonstrate how we best access information.

I would like to introduce the Cashflow game to students in 2015 – so I can play and learn alongside them. :).

04 Jan

Full Moon in Cancer – Monday 5th January 2015


The Full Moon in Cancer is making links to other planets. How to best utilise and work with these connections is discussed in the articles below.  The sign of Cancer is the home loving, nurturing, family oriented sign. The Cancer part of our chart is vulnerable, creative and soft, with a protective outer shell.

As I read the more reflective articles I realised I was tapping into this energy with my concerns about my son’s impending trip. Cancer brings up that protective mothering that can if left unchecked become suffocating for the recipient.  I know I go there. My kids get that look on their face and I know I’ve crossed the line and revealed in my heart they are still my babies that I would wrap in cotton wool although they are in their 20s now.

Kim Falconer’s Powerhouse Full Moon post shares the opportunity to join a discussion on Good Vibe Astrology(GVA), as well as guides for each sign. I highly recommend GVA if you want to learn more about astrology. It’s transformed my keen interest in astrology to the point of being able to confidently read charts, both my own and others. Kim and Jeanette have such a treasure of information on that site if you are keen to learn more about astrology.  I love Kim’s positive approach to astrology –

“Think of this as a opportunity to kiss goodbye anything you’ve been ‘tolerating’ and put your energy into things that make you smile. Period. 2015 is the year to connect to inner guidance. Start now. Listen. Appreciate. Respond.”

The title of Moonkissd by Jessica’s post : Cancer Full Moon: Computer’s don’t have Hearts says it all. Jessica has some interesting stories that explain well how we see compassion and nurturing of the Cancer nature in the world.

“Cancer is the nurturing instinct inside each of us. Cancer holds a supportive, compassionate space for our most tender vulnerabilities –and the instinctual ferocity of a mama or papa bear when those instincts are violated.”

Big Sky Astrology’s post: Cancer Full Moon-Taproot, delves into Cancerian fears with reflections on the fears and regrets about aging. April Eliott Kent offers some strategies for transforming the fears at the conclusion of the post.

“For some reason, the same aloneness that can be so delicious when we’re young and strong becomes dreadful to contemplate for our old age.”

Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols: Releasing The Unnecessary And Feeling Gratitude – The Key To Healing The Inner Child: January’s Cancer Full Moon has great quotes relevant to the degree of this full moon. Lynda also explains the extent of the action in the planets. Here is an excerpt from her post:

“I see this huge configuration as being one of releasing ourselves, but that may come about because of what is not working in our life now. “

I hope to use this time to do as suggested by Kim and release the tolerations in the area of my chart that is Cancer/Capricorn. ‘Listen, Appreciate, Respond’ sounds like a plan for me :).

Photo Credit: Full Moon Girl watching ocean http://pixabay.com/en/full-moon-moon-girl-watching-ocean-451605/

03 Jan

Easing into 2015

It’s quiet here at this time of year. Lot’s of the population has headed for the water and some of the retailers have gone off with them. It makes it like Sunday everyday down the street and I like it. No queues and easy parking :). The sunflowers are growing and all is good.

I have spent my break mostly in solitude, at home and I’ve caught up with the nearest and dearest. A swing in my daughter’s hammock, cooked risotto for the parents at mine, my son has been in and out (as he does), cups of tea with Auntie Pat and meals and drinks with working friends here and there.

Tom’s heading off on a six month adventure in February to the Americas.  I’ve experienced long absences when he’s been on Hamilton Island and Fremantle but I have had him in my state for two years and I’ve enjoyed it. I’m appreciating the time we have and trying not to ask too many ‘mothering’ questions. I know he’ll have a great time and has an excellent travel companion with him – so I want to happily see him off.

I’ve been invited to two beach locations, but just haven’t found the urge to go yet.  I’ll be getting back into work next week because I want to. This unstructured time at home, to read, sleep, watch films, listen to music, solo dance, clean my house and daydream has been bliss. I’ve had long baths, written thousands of words, listened to saved podcasts and TED talks.

I’ll be easing back through January and getting prepared for the school year, when things will swing into action. This year ahead holds great promise.

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