Missed the Eclipse

Well I missed sharing it here, anyway! My host was down. It happens a little bit and I’m not so concerned about it. This is not a life and death blog. I’m not relying on it for my income or status in the world. I moved my hosting to a local student last year. He is one of the original Digital Shed students who has hosting services as a part time enterprise. Sometimes the hosting goes down, but so what. I feel good about sending my dollars to a local, young person rather than a stranger whose money will feed a far off economy rather than my own.

The eclipse was interesting. I am doing a Good Vibe Astrology course at the moment called Astro Biz and I am learning so much. It’s probably the 3rd course I’ve done with them and I love how the information is beginning to stick and I’m able to see patterns and connections in charts. I’ve been practising a lot lately on my friends and family.

The VRI hall is coming along well. Yoga classes have started there and next week we have an information session with Federation Training about our proposed Community Based VCAL we intend to run in 2015.  I’m also going to be following up a few people who have expressed interest about using the space. Tomorrow night Rose and I are presenting to Latrobe City Council about our plans and looking to them for some further financial support. I expect it will go well – most have been helpful and interested so far. There are just a few things that need to be sorted out and I believe that it is doable.

Sometimes I feel really impatient about it all but this week I’ve reflected on how much we have achieved. The roof is repaired – it took just over a year from the time we crowd funded. We’ve also painted and repaired the interior. I estimate that over 100 people contributed to it. People from a wide variety of places and walks of life, with an age range of over 50 years. We had financial and resources contributed by around 100 people and businesses and some contributed both money and labour. The reaching of this goal is great but the journey was pretty awesome also. I want to remember to appreciate along the way, because there is still a way to go :-).


Vote 1

It’s ok, I’m not running a political campaign. I appreciate you voting for our VRI project in the Bank of Melbourne Local Project competition.  The wonderful community of Latrobe Valley have been working together on building this space and every dollar we raised is supported and extended by the generosity of many people.


Education is it’s own reward. It’s a valuable possession that no one can take away from you once you gain it. I love learning and working with our community to make a space for learning together is fun and rewarding.

In the last six weeks we’ve completed the restoration of the roof and painted the interior of the hall. Over a hundred people have been through the building. Plastic was laid on the floor, windows and fixtures were taped, scaffolding was constructed, the walls and ceiling were sanded, washed, puttied, treated for mould and then undercoated and sanded. We’ve had two local secondary schools, a major community working bee and corrections teams put their time in. Many local businesses have made contributions. You can read more about it on our Digital Shed webpage or Facebook Page. Follow our project and watch as it grows.




Full Moon Eclipse in Aries – 8th October 2014

I hope you are watching the moon tonight. It’s being swallowed by shadow. A bit like my blog posting. I had a vision of having a week off and writing plenty and even a fantasy about giving my blog a makeover. As you can see- it didn’t happen!

I under calculated how much it would take to get the interior painting of the hall done so the school holidays have involved finishing that. I have been supported in this process so I can’t complain. We’ve had David Wakefield supervising corrections workers and my son and his mates, Meghan and Daniel putting in days to finish the job. I’m so impressed and grateful for all the help. I haven’t picked up a paint brush myself.

I have tennis elbow which has meant watching others do while attempting to heal my elbow. Even shaking hands with helpful people is uncomfortable, which is one of the things I love to do most.

So to share some astrological insights:

Moonkissd by Jessica: Eclipses-Moving beyond the four walls of the Known.

April from Big Sky Astrology: Rights Grievances and Relating

That’s all I’ve had time to read.


New Moon in Libra – Wednesday 24th September 2014

I am late – the moon is not as new as it was hours ago, at 4.14. Not too late to make a new moon wish though, so wish away. When I think about Libra, I think of balance and harmony. Balance between people and within.

Jessica from Moonkissd Astrology says it beautifully in her Libra New Moon: Dynamic Harmony post:

This Libra New Moon initiates a season of harmonizing within, and with each other. Yin and yang, outflow and inflow, giving and receiving, rest and action, mind and heart, healing and being healed, nourishing and being nourished, the fundamental balance we feel, or lack thereof, governs our entire life, magnetizing and attracting experiences and people to us. Balance is the dynamic energy underlying everything. Which is why when we’re in balance we can manifest parking spaces and cash, and when we’re out of balance we attract what we need to learn (and why, when a surfboard is exactly what’s needed to heal an old wound and bring my relationship back into harmony, the world conspired to help that intention). The Libra Universe is just, fair, gracious and marvellously corrective. The Scales may swing, but they always seek center.”

Read the rest of her post for what a surfboard has to do with anything;)

There have been a few astrological shifts this week, the equinox and Pluto has moved forward. Kim Falconer’s post : Equinox New Moon discusses some of these shifts and points to the houses they occur in.  Also check out the free call on Good Vibe Astrology streaming tomorrow morning – should be good.

So personally this new moon is as good a time as any for me to review the balance in my life. As exciting as it is working with the projects I’m passionate about, I need some time off right now. It was going to be the week that’s been, but that didn’t happen. I am going to get more determined for next week. Expect a ‘no’ if you work with me. I have some brilliant people willing to step in for me so I know I can step away for a week. That’s my intention for this new moon – a week to myself.

Luigi’s Freedom Ride by Alan Murray

‘A story of curiosity, love, hope and bicycles’. This subtitle describes the content well. ‘Luigi’s Freedom Ride’ is the recollection of a man who settled in Australia after many interesting adventures in his country, Italy. It is an insiders view of growing up in Italy and the coming and going of World War II. It is a personal history and an interesting one.

There are many adventures catalogued in this story, all worthy of retelling. I particularly loved the descriptions of food, family and synchronicity. If you are into bike riding, I imagine it would be doubly rich for you.

“The first course was Bouillabaisse Bersaglieri. The soup was rich with the scents of olive oil, saffron, bay leaf, garlic, parsley, thyme and cracked pepper. Then came the night’s ‘house special’ – the Maestro Marconi Macaroni. The thickness of the pasta was mitigated by its softness to the tooth. The cheese sauce had the viscosity of slowly flowing lava. Served with the macaroni was Soldier’s Salad, a mix of mild red onion, crushed garlic and quartered tomatoes. Eventually, the comrades pushed themselves back in their chairs, replete, unlaced their boots and stretched out their legs beneath the plate-laden table. “

I have made many bookmarks in my kindle of wonderful parts of the book, but looking back on them, I know if I share them with you, I will give away some of the surprising and wonderful meanderings of this adventure.  It’s a great story and this review does it no justice, but I recommend you read it.


The Value of Reading

I was delighted to read this article this morning – The Conversation: Reading as a creative act, Eleanor Catton’s bold new grant -

“Booker Prize-winner Eleanor Catton announced last week she would use her NZ$15,000 winnings from the New Zealand Post best fiction and people’s choice prizes to set up a new grant for writers, dedicated to giving them time to read. Successful applicants will be given NZ$3,000 and asked to write a short article describing their reading with no further strings attached…..”

Read the whole article if you have time.

I take reading for granted. I do it for pleasure and recreation, but it also opens so many doors for me and enables me to do more. The more I read, the faster I can.

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