12 Jan


 Pomegranate opened

“Like a pomegranate
Insides out
All is revealed
Not only women bleed”

Eat the Music – Kate Bush

Pomegranates have facinated me for quite some time. Every time I went to the supermarket I would linger around them, wondering about their insides. They are quite expensive to buy usually and this has discouraged me from purchasing one.

january-08-at-home-009.jpgI justified buying one for decorative purposes recently. I felt that the shape was the same as a Christmas bauble and it would make a nice table decoration and then I could do my experimenting with it later. That was three pomegranates ago. It didn’t last long as my curiosity got the better of me, I had to split it open to reveal the jewel like red seeds that were every bit as lovely as the shiny red exterior. One of my friends bought me one for christmas. I also got a pomegranate scented candle and pomegranite face cream. It is definately my flavour, smell, adventure of this summer for me. The face cream is amazing (not affiliated).

I read ‘The Kite Runner’ whilst I was away and for once, totally understood all the pomegranate references. I have read about them in books and lyrics, but never truly understood the delight of them. I am not a big fruit lover, but the bitter sweetness of a pomegranate, is a delight to me. If you haven’t had this experience, I recommend it. I found this site online to explain to me how to deal with it properly. The first one was not treated in a very orderly fashion and so a lot was wasted. The juice is lovely too.

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5 thoughts on “Pomegranates

  1. They have always fascinated me, too, probably because they are so rare here. I saw one just recently and was sooo tempted to buy it. They seem so exotic and foreign like ancient Greece. Now I want one!

  2. They last for a month, so watch out for when they are on special. The seeds are brighter inside though, when they are fresh, bit like grapes I reckon.

  3. I love your post about pomegranates. I, too, have been enchanted by pomegranates for years. Luckily, I live in California and my dad has a large pomegranate tree. For years he has brought my daughter, Nicole, pomegranates every year and hides them throughout the house. He always leaves one on the table with the message written on it, “the pomegranate bandit was here”, which prompts her to start searching.

    The little seeds inside are shaped like little tiny wombs which I find very inspiring. My friend Ingrid Kincaid and I just started a new business and named it after these marvelous fruits. It is called the Pomegranate Project ~ Women Empowering Women Around The World.

    We teach classes and hold seminars teaching women how to buy houses, shop around for loans, negotiate car purchases, women’s health, women’s issues and history, etc.

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