22 Jun

New Moon in Cancer – Tuesday 23rd June 2009

There is a new moon in the nurturing, home loving sign of Cancer tomorrow morning. Mystic Medusa sums up nicely for me on Dark – New Moonie . I think that link to Vesta she mentions will mean lots of home energy for this moon. I looked at a potential new home today so I’m a bit excited about that right now. Willows Web Astrology has an interesting post on the coming moons and eclipses and reflects on home and mothering. Makes for interesting reading.

There are going to be two Cancerian new moons this month so I guess if I don’t get the home thing handled this time around I can have another go at it next new moon. I’ll be on long service leave then, so I’m predicting my chances will be greater the second time around. I’ve been really tired and I’m waiting for that excitement of the impending long holiday to kick in. I hope tomorrows new moon will deliver it.

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