25 Jul

Full Moon in Aquarius – Monday 26th July 2010

It’s not an eclipse or anything major, yet this full moon packs something as you would know if you read astrogrrls take on it. The other site I recomment is as usual Lynda’s. One day soon I will share with you all my dawning truths. Aquarius, what can I say? I find them all different, it is the one star sign I find it difficult to say anything about to be honest. I guess they are unpredictable.

I had a beautiful weekend with the kids. I enjoyed going to the park and watching the karate kid trilogy, well up to halfway through number 3 anyway, with them. They are such fun to be with. I feel very blessed to share their lives.

Mum and dad are heading back to the northern part of the country for the sun and warmth and I caught up with them today so dad could tease me:-)

All is well in my world.
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