26 Aug

Money, A Love Story by Kate Northrup

Money is a hot topic isn’t it? This book tells the story of Kate Northrup’s relationship with money and is subtitled: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want. I read a review copy and found lots of good questions to ask myself and journal about. There are exercises in this book to help you find out what your barriers are to having what you want. She’s speaking mostly to women so men, look away:)

Taking some time out to look at money is sometimes pretty uncomfortable, particularly when you are in struggle town. I have been in that place and don’t want to be a frequent guest. I love my life but at times my bank manager is not loving the lack of stability I have experienced  doing my work life differently. He is not the only one!

It’s going to take more than reading a book – obviously – but this book has started me in a new direction of being more conscious of that reality. The financial reality is that I want to be independent, so I have to look after my resources as part of that. If you think you could do with a look at it, I recommend reading it.

Kate has a preorder deal active until 31st August – click here – if you would like to take it up.

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