19 Feb

New Moon in Aquarius – Thursday 19th February

The new moon this morning at 10.47am is at the last stroke of Aquarius and slips straight into Pisces only a minute later with the Sun following it into Pisces three minutes later. The second Aquarian New Moon is only briefly there before becoming the next sign. Lynda Hill has a voice recording about whether this new moon is Aquarian or Piscean – listen here. Big Sky Astrology :Aquarius New Moon – The Greedy Cusp takes a different view of where this moon stands. Enjoy!

It’s the Chinese New Year at this new moon. The year of the Green Sheep by Kim Falconer will bring you up to speed on the energies of this year according to Chinese Astrology. I like to look at the previous years of the current sign and think about what kind of years they were, see if they had anything in common.

A- Line Sunflower from Church Street Morwell
A- Line Sunflower from Church Street Morwell


The dark moon caught me yesterday and I was asleep by 10pm last night.

I visited the Morwell A Line site yesterday and the sunflowers are bursting out there as well. I’m glad there are cameras on the sites capturing the reactions of the people passing as the few I get to see are heart warming and it will be great to have a record of the smiles.

At the VRI, sunflowers are bursting to life as the first site planted we have flowers blooming fast now. Every day is more saturated with the brightness and the courts are buzzing with bees. The VRI has swung into activity with people attending 6 days a week for a variety of activities. I love seeing the variety of people contribute their efforts to restoring the space inside and out. It’s great to be part of a team of people and to be able to call on others knowledge and experience, as well as time and energy. Life is busy and good. We have lots of visitors coming along to enjoy the brightness they are bringing to our part of the world. We are holding our garden party on Sunday 1st March between 1 – 4 and I hope you can make it along.

View from #TheVRI kitchen #getsunflowered

View from #TheVRI kitchen #getsunflowered



20 Jan

New Moon in Aquarius – Wednesday 21st January 2015

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center https://www.flickr.com/photos/gsfc/

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center https://www.flickr.com/photos/gsfc/

There will be two Aquarius new moons this month. This one is at 0 degrees and its new at 0.14am here, just making it into Wednesday. If you have any zero degree points in your chart – this will aspect it. If you want to get your chart, Astro.com is a free site to generate charts that I haven’t mentioned for a while.

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. It’s a quirky, sociable energy that encompasses community, friendship, technology, the future, humanitarians and making the world a better place generally.

New moons are fabulous for setting new intentions and this new moon asks what do I want for the future ? How would I like the world according to me to be? How are my friendships travelling? Could I broaden my social circle to add more to my life?

April Elliott Kent is spot on when she says:

“Social networking sites are not about deep, personal friendships. They’re not even really about friends, in the strictest sense of the word. Rather, they’re about belonging, and being part of a community.” This is the vibe of Aquarius.”

Exploring  Facebook as an Aquarian vibe as a manifestation of much of what Aquarius personifies. The Big Sky Astrology: New Moon in Aquarius: Friend Me post also goes on to say

Aquarius’ talent lies in those friendly connections with others who cross our paths – the relational grease that keep society’s gears moving smoothly and that joins us in together in collective identity, purpose, and responsibility.’

It’s a great reflection on this moon and I recommend it to you.
Jessica Shepherd describes another aspect of Aquarius in her post Moonkissd: Aquarius New Moon: Liberation Moon, the Uranian energy, that’s disruptive and tends to shift us to more authenticity – ready or not.

 “Seek out Soothsayers and Truthsayers – friends you trust, to tell it how it is. Heed the spontaneous call of your intuition. What we label as “crazy talk” is often our intuition trying to burst out and bring more clarity and truthfulness to a situation.”

Kim Falconer’s blog The 11th House (Aquarius) has a link to her latest free podcast about the moon  for those interested in learning more about astrology – What Your Moon Wants You To Know .

11 Aug

Full Moon in Aquarius – Monday 12th August 2014

DSCN0012The moon is full at 4am our time on Monday. Sunday night full moon, that is at it’s fullness early Monday morning our time. This is a super moon  and to understand more about what that means go to wikepedia. I felt the need to actually look it up because there seems to have been a lot of super moon talk lately.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, disruptive energy that potentially shifts us to a better place. It is traditionally ruled by Saturn, discipline and structure.

For some insight read:

Mystic Medusa: Brave New Supermoon Secret Powers: features a quote from Aldous Huxley as well as another link about Super moons.

The 11th House: Anubis Full Moon has all the details about how this moon will affect you.

Big Sky Astrology: Aquarius Full Moon- Other Tribes -asks the question ‘Who are “your people”?’ Great question!

I’ve scheduled this post for the exact time, I hope all the shifts are amazing for you:).




30 Jan

New Moon in Aquarius – Friday 31st January 2014

I missed the earlier moons this month, apologies for that. I was contemplating stopping my moon reflections, because there are so many good astrologers out there, but I like recording them for my own notes, so I’m going to recommence.

The first post I’ve read is Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols: Silent Moments & New Inspiration & Rewriting The Stories: The Aquarian New Moon. The reading is particularly relevant to me because this moon has aspects to many points in my chart. This moon is opposite my Mars, and as you can read, this means Venus and Pluto are conjunct my Mars at this time. I’ve been enjoying a lot of solitude and reflecting.

The astrologers I like best are empowering. Unlike the old school, fatalist astrologers, they make the planet’s movements like weather predictions, it’s not prohibitive, just helps you to make the most of the conditions, or as today with a dark moon, explains why I’m a bit tired and allows me to know at 8.30ish tomorrow morning I’m going to be refreshed by the new moon. I’ve also been enjoying learning about my own chart and how I express that and how I could better.

I started an online course earlier this month through Good Vibe Astrology. It’s being led by one of my favourite astrologers, who also writes terrific books, Kim Falconer. The Path to Abundance has deepened my knowledge and enthusiasm for astrology and has really supported me to ‘rewrite my story’ at this time of personal change in my life. I enjoy listening to Kim’s voice on the recordings and I frequently smile – her joy is contagious and her I can hear a deep knowledge of astrology that inspires confidence.

If you are interested in astrology Mystic Medusa has a podcast: DIY Astrohacks Number 1. She guides you through reading your own chart and it’s well worth the time and $$. When you learn about your own astrology chart, it is a great tool for working with your strengths. Mystic Medusa is always a great read, funny and intelligent, with a depth of interesting topics – my favourite blog.

21 Aug

Full Moon in Aquarius

Full moon much later today, after I’ve had a sleep.  I missed my goal to put the project on pozible.com by Friday. There were a few things I hadn’t considered and I ran out of time. I have most of them handled now. Then we’ll see if it is approved. I’ve had some great feedback from people who have  helped by reading it and giving me feedback, listening to my ideas, asking important questions and generally being there for me in lots of ways. Ways and people too numerous to mention.  I continue to be surprised, delighted and appreciative of all the generous, talented and helpful people I know.

Moonkissd by Jessica: Aquarius Full Moon: Dream Catcher has this quote that fits how I feel right now:

” I can trace every accomplishment that’s ever really mattered to me to a string of people who have made it happen. Like a string of pearls, each of these precious people have had everything to do with my personal and professional success.”

I don’t know if this latest reach will be successful and I am nervous about it. I’m nervous because I’ve had so much encouragement and support and I don’t want to disappoint others. I mainly don’t want to disappoint myself. I want this, and it feels vulnerable to go after something this big, to do it so publicly and to ask the world for so much.

I’m also excited. I had brilliant feedback from the school that has students participating in the Digital Shed. The students are showing the school what a difference this community interaction can make.  Community members who have received 1:1 help from the students have come in and collected posters and distributed brochures this week, because they love the service. If the crowd funding isn’t successful, it’s not the end of the world. We can continue in other ways…. but it would be awesome if it was successful!

According to the post above this moon has all the energy I need to make my dreams come true, so I’ll just go for it.

24 Jul

Full Moon in Aquarius – 24th July 2013

The full moon was yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. There has been much shuffling around in the skies this week. Mercury has gone forward after it’s retrograde period, Venus and Mars have changed signs. I’ve lost track of the days. My friend lost a whole week, which became a real bonus to her when she found it.

I think I could probably stop nodding to astrology twice a month. I’m not an expert, most of what I write about is from the things I read. I doubt that people who read this blog are into astrology. It’s just one of the things I am fascinated in.

I find astrology keeps a structure to my blogging when life is as busy as it is. The moons are my deadlines. I count posts between. Indulge me if you will.


10 Feb

New Moon in Aquarius – Sunday 10th January 2013 – Chinese New Year

It’s the Year of the Snake this year. I am a Snake so it’s my year. I am glad to have this new start to 2013. This year has tested me. A family member has been ill, I don’t have work, hence an income and I have found myself not fitting my usual social circles. It sounds worse than I experienced it though. When things go wrong, you get opportunities to change the structures in your life and make them more aligned to the things you value. The things you just put up with or go along with suddenly become intolerable and I have acted to change them.

I am grateful for my family and friends who have been present with me and made a big difference. I have picked up some abandoned projects, started some courses and got to enjoy family visits. I’ve applied for some interesting jobs and I feel confident life will fall into place for me.

Kim Falconer has a Chinese New Year forecast for the western astrological signs. April Elliot Kent has a reflective piece on all things Aquarian.

I’m celebrating Chinese New Year this year by making Short Soup. We love it. When Darin was an apprentice he worked for Chinese people who created in him an appetite for lots of wonton in his soup. He tells me the number of wonton you can eat was a big deal for them. On Friday night, we ordered takeaway and had to pay for 3.5 bowls of soup because he wanted 15 wonton. I restrained myself with a regular 4, but wanted more after I started eating them. Today I am going to make my own and have as many wonton as I can eat. Yum!

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