09 Feb

Sunday Morning on Facebook

I guess this is a belated Happy Birthday to Facebook. I appreciate it. I get to read updates from my people, get inspiration from all round the world and exchange a few thoughts with people without having to leave where I am. I get to have a laugh and see what is important to others and often me. I rarely watch TV cause there is so much I don’t want to see there mingled in with a few good things. My Facebook friends (FF) usually alert me to something good on TV and even if it’s not on time it’s usually on ABC or SBS and I can get to it through the internet when I’m ready.

The thing about Facebook is that you make it your own. When people complain to me that it is full of rubbish, I have to admit I wonder who they let in, maybe their friends are not what they want them to be – just putting it out there. If I see someone consistently annoying me – I change their settings. I have blocked people. Use your power – make it what you want.

I enjoy staying in touch with people I’ve taught or worked with. I’ve connected with so many interesting and good people and if it weren’t for Facebook, they would be lost to me as many of the people I knew in my 20s/30s are. I have found some of them through Facebook, but some just slip away.

I have learnt a lot from following pages that focus on topics of interest to me. It’s a platform for me to share the things I care about or get some feedback from others. Last year Facebook enabled me to raise money for the VRI Hall project. I’ve also been able to support other great projects from reading about them in my Facebook feed.

Speaking of the VRI Hall project – there’s a bit of a delay right now. We have to get a Land Tax exemption before we can sign the lease. Our local MP Russell North has helped to get it prioritised so I don’t expect it will be that much longer (that’s what I keep telling myself so I can stay sane). We’ve been continuing to work with Rose from OUTR and the team there has created the most amazing plans. If you are interested, email/message/call me and I’ll send you a copy. I am thrilled with their work. I visited them this week at RMIT – they are very talented people. We are also resuming the Digital Shed from the Neighbourhood House and have a men’s group starting that will shift to the VRI Hall once we get started, but can begin gathering and working from the Neighbourhood House while we wait. We have a lot of interested people and organisations, so I am very keen to get started. If you are local and want to participate – let me know. I am a bit frustrated with the delays, but I’m just continuing to do other things, like our business plan and formalising some of the partnerships. My friend Annder has started with me this week to help me be organised. One of the many highlights of my week.

Enjoy your Sunday!


20 Jun

Within Minutes

Last night we had an earthquake. My daughter called almost before Darin got out of the shower and whilst it only lasted less than a minute, it was a disturbing length of time. Within minutes my facebook feed told me it had been felt as far as Melbourne and before any of the news websites had any information I had been informed by my people more info than they had to tell in the press an hour after the event. The coverage was much funnier and entertaining from my friends. There were some very amusing responses.

It reminds me of a couple of weeks ago when we had the flood, my facebook feed quickly told me which roads were blocked. I got a text from my boss to say it might not be possible to get to work in Sale. Facebook feeds backed it up and then the Vicroads site confirmed it. (Yes we are having interesting times in Gippsland). So back to bed I went in my new PJs that had arrived that morning from my son in Perth – perfect timing:).

I have followed the debate about Gina Reinhart’s media ownership. It seems kind of irrelevant. The media keep repeating the same stories they want us to have on our agenda’s, but we have our own more personal agenda’s now and we get our information from people we know and trust.

Three years ago when we had bushfires in the area, we couldn’t get much information from anywhere but msn chat gave us a direct line to one of my son’s friends who was stuck in his house, cut off. The paywalls for online media outlets are arriving too late. We are connected enough electronically to get our tailor made news and information about things that matter to us.

My students don’t read newspapers. Most of them don’t watch TV, and if they do, it’s not the news. I’ve just finished reading a book about Mary Reibey, the lady on the $20 note and in the book there was mention of waiting for news to come by sea from England. (I’ll review that book, cause it was great.) How times have changed!

14 Jul

Full Moon in Capricorn – Friday 15th July 2011

What no eclipse? Yes, this is an eclipse free moon. Looks full already! There are some other alignments that are ‘ones to watch’ and Linda Hill’s post on this moon, highlights the sabian symbols activated. Jessica has an excellent suggestion in her post, Inhale your Authority Spell and since reading it I’ve been questioning my authority. It’s a good thing to claim your responsibility in your situations. It gives you power to stay, leave, change or just think about things in a different way. It really struck a chord with me.

My favourite astrological post today was from Mystic Medusa, Era Shifting. Nothing at all really to do with this full moon. I believe quite relevant now, what do you think?

There are a lot of changes happening in the world right now. I was checking out this site last night (due to it’s association with Megan from The Junk Wave a blogging friend) about an RTO in Cairns, MOM Training College.  It looks like a very exciting educational space with plenty of innovative projects and quite a different philosophy from the RTO’s I’m familiar with. I like it. I think that kind of reframing of institutions is wonderful.

I feel quite interested in following some of the things that are emerging from all the crisis’s going on. I agree with MM, I don’t subscribe to the whole end of the world stuff either. It’s clear things are changing so perhaps it is the end of the world as we’ve known it. Thinking that the world is going to end is a cop out and it’s time to get busy making a world that works better now, even if it is just your own world.

I’ve tried Google+ this week. It’s ok. Quiet really. Interesting to watch how people approach the new space. Some are jumping right in creating huge networks. I can see some advantages to having seperate circles so as to keep relevant to different areas of your life. I haven’t plunged right into the learning curve yet though. I have also been reminded about of tumblr this week. A student started a blog there and added me to it. There are very few people from my other circles on Tumblr. It’s interesting and a new space. I think I am more interested in exploring my tumblr right now than Google+. I notice that it’s just so easy to go to facebook or google because there are links to them everywhere. We think the internet is so random, yet our advertising is targeted and there are clearly some online companies that have created such a presence that they are almost unavoidable. I

I have so much to say today, I’ve had a full and interesting day. I might tell you about the rest tomorrow:)

06 Oct

Facebook’s Recent Updates….

How did they access the numbers out of my mobile phone? Current numbers that I have only updated in my mobile phone in the last month, together with the funny little names I give people to distinguish them from others with the same name, or remind me why I have the number eg: Suzie Carwasher. I don’t recall giving facebook access to my mobile phone contacts.

I find that kind of creepy. You can change the settings though to have your number removed. If you feel weird about it, I recommend you do that. Another reason to be highly selective about who you add as a friend I guess.

The places function, which fortunately hasn’t occurred without asking* like the phone numbers have has turned many people’s mobile phones into a tracking device. A student showed me the location of another student in class today and showed his movement across the yard. Mind you we could see him walking out the window, but it kind of blew me away. I wish I had access to that when my kids were teenagers. I can imagine the conversation now. “You don’t have to call me and tell me wherever you are you just have to have your facebook places on and allow me access”…. mwah. In discussion with students today (who have already worked out the parent hacks obviously), they said they could just leave their mobile phones at the place they were meant to be and then go wherever they liked.

*when I say without asking, there was probably some little clause somewhere I didn’t read:-)

31 May

My Privacy and Facebook

I’m not leaving facebook today. At the risk of insulting the 26565 committed leavers (as of 9.50pm tonight), I am not sick of facebooks lack of respect for my data. On occasion I am sick of facebook users lack of respect for their own data though. The definition of privacy is to be separate from others or not seen by others. The very act of having a facebook account is to share with others or interact. I understand that selling our data to others wasn’t what we signed up for, yet it was kind of obvious to me it was going to go that way. Nothing is free!

The thing about facebook, twitter, youtube, blogging, and all the stuff we do online is that it is not private. It’s not hidden. We really need to know that. No one can get information about you that you don’t give them though. There is no one with a gun to your head telling you to reveal all the ups and downs of your life or your breakfast preferences. You willingly provide that information or preference. There are no paparazzi following you and photographing your family and all the things you like to do and publishing them to the world….you do that yourself.

I think it is the myth of privacy online that we need to quit. I feel my privacy could be invaded if my phone calls were listened into or if there was video surveillance cameras that I wasn’t aware of. Satellites have concerned me because I can’t see them and I am not aware of what they are watching. I was a bit startled by Google Street View, when it came to my town. I felt that was potentially an invasion of privacy.

People only know what you tell them, or show them. If you want something to be private, keep it to yourself.

21 Feb

I Saw an Eagle today

I always associate seeing one with a feeling of freedom. It was huge. I actually thought it was a plane when I first spotted it in the sky. I guess twitter or facebook would be a better place for such a short post. I just don’t find it as retrievable!

31 Aug

Sorting Facebook

Last night I put all my friends on Facebook into different groups. I was inspired by having access to photos of someone I barely knew. Photos that were a touch revealing. I’m not sure I am that open.  There are levels of privacy I want to maintain.

I looked into it,  there are different levels of privacy in facebook but I hadn’t really explored them till then. I have my own criteria for adding friends on facebook, yet within are different groups/types of friends, sounds awful to categorise your friends, but I’m only human. If I know someone I am happy to add them. I don’t need to know them in person, or in current time, past is fine, I need to have some concept of who they are and how they are connected to me. The old ‘everyone’s welcome’ slogan I had when working at the Neighbourhood House, doesn’t apply on my facebook page.

By the same token, just because I know a person, doesn’t mean I want to share everything with them. I discovered last night that for each photo album you upload to facebook, you can set the networks or friend groups that you want to see them. It’s given me peace of mind. I don’t want to wonder about how many friends of friends can see my family photos and who they are.

Having said all that and feeling pretty much master of the universe as far as my privacy goes on facebook, I still wouldn’t put anything I thought would be detrimental to me online. anywhere. I still haven’t worked out how to control people tagging you in photos, apart from removing the tag. I was discussing this in class today. When you are out and about you aren’t necessarily looking around for people who are photographing you with their mobile phone. Perhaps privacy is dead.

What are your settings on facebook? Who can see your photos?

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